Home Drug-Test Kits

Drug abuse has been a worldwide issue for years. The problem has grown so rampant that it’s made its way into the workplace. Almost every industry and sector has experienced this issue before. Drug abuse in the workplace poses a threat not only to the individual but to everyone around them as well. Home drug-test kits have been a great way to test for drugs in an organization or to test yourself personally. The best part about home drug-test kits is they can be found easily online and give quick and accurate results in just minutes. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has also made it more difficult for employees to go to collection facilities as many of these facilities are now being used for COVID testing. The risk of further spreading the disease has made employers hesitant to send their employees to these collection facilities. 

Preferred Med Supply is a supplier of home drug-test kits and wants to break down the different types of testing kits that are available to order online.

Urine Drug Test Cup

In places where drug abuse is common, such as schools and workplaces, the urine drug test cup is what is normally used. A urine drug test can pick up the essence of drugs in your system and will give results back in as little as five minutes. All that’s needed is a urine sample and the test will give back accurate results for what’s found.

Mouth Swab Drug Test

The mouth swap test removes the need to pee in a cup. This drug test is completed by simply using a collection stick with an absorbent pad to swab the inside of the cheek for a saliva sample. The stick is then placed inside of the provided cup which will show results in a few minutes. 

Saliva Alcohol Test Kit

According to the CDC, 29 people die a day in the United States from motor vehicle crashes due to an alcohol-impaired driver. The fastest way for police to determine the levels of alcohol consumption is through the use of an alcohol swab test. These tests are also commonly used before getting behind the wheel to check for a safe BAC level. 

Choose the Right Company for Home Drug-Test Kits

Working under the influence of drugs and alcohol poses a threat to everyone around, including the individual themself. In order to run a successful business, it’s important for the business owner to keep a close watch on their employees to make sure everyone is safe and productivity stays high. 

Preferred Med Supply has a wide selection of FDA-approved home drug-test kits. These test kits will give accurate results in a minute, leaving you with a safe business and surroundings. If you’re interested in home drug-test kits, visit our store page today.