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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products to the healthcare industry that exceed all FDA, Medicare/Medicaid, safety and licensing requirements so that providers can be confident in their choice to use Preferred Medical Supply as their primary supplier for durable medical equipment and supplies.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations and to become a leading supplier of quality products to Orthopedic, Pain and Injury practitioners.


About Us

Our story began in the 80’s with entrepreneurial ventures that included the medical services industry as well as successful operations in retail and wholesale manufacturing and distribution. Our team is comprised of like-minded individuals of varying backgrounds coming together to develop new markets and new customer-centric relationships.  Our products and services are always positioned to equal or surpass our competitors. We are “hands-on” with all aspects of our customer-oriented quality and satisfaction model. Our experience in the manufacture and production of the highest quality products spans from apparel to medical supplies, office products and durable medical equipment.

Preferred Medical Supply has a 4-prong approach to Service:

  • Quality Products – Providers can count on high quality medical devices and equipment that meet all government, regulatory, safety and payer requirements.
  • Improve patient care – Providers can feel confident when using our high quality products for their patients.
  • Cost Control – Products are direct-sourced and manufactured with both quality and cost in mind.
  • Generate Revenue – Patient equipment needs will continue to increase as the population ages.

Our Team

Our leadership team represents over 30 years of experience in the medical field, serving private enterprise and the public in various capacities. This experience continues to trend with ever changing market demands and new product introductions.  We pride ourselves on staying in touch with growth segments of this industry as well as seeking new product introductions that will enhance the care and services of our medical providers.

We are a team of service-oriented professionals ready to offer world quality service and support.

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