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Home drug test kits have become more and more popular over recent years. The convenience and the cheap cost is a major benefit they offer and people everywhere have noticed. They are used by businesses to check if their employees are clean and, one of the biggest uses, used by parents to check if their children have been using drugs or not. While the test itself is accurate, kids will often go long lengths to make sure the test comes back negative. Children don’t want to disappoint their parents. This is why they will try different methods to cheat an at-home drug test. Even with advances in recent drug detection technology, kids will come up with new ways to cheat it. Preferred Med Supply wants to help you make sure that the test is showing results correctly and hasn’t been tampered with or cheated in any way.


Passing a Home Drug Test

Finding methods to cheat a home drug test isn’t difficult. A simple search on the internet will produce thousands of different results, showing different methods on how to cheat the test. The most common methods you’ll find are diluting urine samples, using other urine, and liquid cleansing. Drug testing is becoming more and more advanced and can even detect when a urine sample has been diluted or tampered with. Unfortunately, most home drug tests won’t be able to show this and can only be shown in lab testing. 


How Accurate Are Home Drug Test

Once a test comes back negative, parents will often find comfort and think that the matter is over. Just because a test comes back negative doesn’t mean your kid isn’t using drugs. Parents should be aware of how kids cheat on drug tests. In a perfect world, you can trust your child that they aren’t using drugs. Unfourtanly, kids want to stay out of trouble and will cheat and lie to do so. Kids will also switch to other “drugs” that can’t be detected by a home drug test. While we want to believe what our kids are telling us, sometimes we can’t and it’s for their safety. 


Popular Excuses For a Positive Test

If a test does come back positive, it can be a shock and sometimes feel unbelievable. When this happens, your kid may start trying to come up with some form of excuse to get out of it. You’d be surprised how many times the excuse of “I tried my friend’s food” or “I had some of his drink” will work on parents.

The best strategy is to form a strong bond with your kid and make sure the people they hang around are good friends. Home drug test kits give parents a sense of security that their child is clean from drugs. If a test comes back positive, don’t listen to the list of excuses and stories. Now is the time to have a serious conversation and try to get them to understand the repercussions that can come from continuous drug usage. If the problem persists, you may want to seek out professional help. 


Get Tested Now

Home test kits can be a great way to test your child for a certain substance. While they will never be 100% accurate, they are still extremely reliable. Make sure to follow the steps that came with your home test kit to ensure the best results. Remember to look for the signs that your kid may be cheating on a drug test. If you’re looking for affordable and accurate home test kits, visit our online store to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

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