instant drug test

Have you been having suspicions that someone you know is using drugs? Maybe it’s even your own child you’re worried about or one of your employees. Whatever the reason may be, an instant drug testing kit can provide the exact answers you’re looking for. Instant and home drug test kits can detect the most common drugs and provide you with an answer in minutes. They come in a variety of ways to be administered, whether it be through saliva, urine, or blood. Instant drug test kits save you the hassle of having to wait days for an answer as well as skipping the long doctor’s office line. You can find a variety of instant drug test kits at Preferred Med Supply

The guide we have put together will show you how our test kits work, how they differ from lab testing, and how accurate they are.


How Instant Drug Test Kits Work

Instant drug testing kits can detect multiple different types of drugs through saliva or urine. They will provide you with a result usually within 10 minutes. These tests are meant to give you the same results you would find from a lab test without the long wait or use of professional equipment. 

These tests can detect 4 to 14 different substances. These will usually include marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine, ecstasy, etc.

Test results occur from dropping a urine or saliva sample into the compound provided. The compound will react with what’s in the saliva or urine and change colors based on what is detected. 

The instant drug test kit that you purchase will have a chart to show you which color relates to which drug. 


How do Instant Drug Test Kits Differ From Lab Testing

Lab testing will always be the more accurate way of testing for drugs. They use professional equipment and break down each substance for more than an instant drug test. A professional test will be able to tell exactly how much of a substance is in one’s system. 

An instant or home test kit is mainly used to tell if a certain substance is in one’s system through urine or saliva. They won’t show how much is present in one’s system or the severity of the addiction. 

Instant drug test kits should not be used to address the severity of one’s drug usage. This means if a drug has been used once or if it’s been used on a daily basis. 


Accuracy of an Instant Drug Kit

The accuracy of an instant drug kit can be comparable to that of lab testing. While no drug test of any kind will be 100% accurate, they are extremely sensitive to drugs detected in the system. These tests will however only show the type of drug being tested for. Lab testing will come back with a detailed list of everything found in one’s system. 


Get Tested Now

Instant drug test kits are a great way at seeing if someone you know has been using drugs recently. Make sure to follow the steps that came with your instant test kit to ensure the best results. If you’re looking for affordable and accurate home test kits, visit our online store to find exactly what you’re looking for.