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More and more employers are relying on drug testing both before and after hiring, and including ETG drug testing in the process. But what exactly is ETG, where does it come from, what does it do, and why are companies testing for it?

First, What Is ETG?

ETG, the chemical compound ethyl glucuronide, is produced when ethanol in the form of alcohol combines with glucuronide in the liver. Glucuronide allows ethanol and other waste to be excreted in urine. When you drink any amount of alcohol, ETG is produced. ETG tends to stay in urine for around 48 hours, and sometimes up to 72 hours depending on how heavily the user was drinking.

Is Urine ETG Drug Testing More Effective Than Blood Or Breath Tests?

Urine ETG testing is significantly better when testing for excessive drinking that the traditional blood or breath tests. Blood testing for alcohol is the quickest, with alcohol being eliminated in 12 hours or less. Breath testing is more effective, lasting around 12-24 hours in the user’s system. ETG urine drug testing typically lasts up to 48 hours, and sometimes up to 72 hours depending on the amount of alcohol consumed. For rapid testing that doesn’t require significant lab time, the urine ETG drug test stands above the rest.

What Can an ETG Test Tell You?

An ETG test can tell you whether or not someone has consumed alcohol within the past 80 hours. However, it cannot tell you how much alcohol was consumed or when it was consumed. For example, if someone drinks two beers on Monday and takes an ETG test on Wednesday, the results will show that they have consumed alcohol within the past 80 hours. However, the results will not tell you how many beers were consumed or when they were consumed (Monday or Wednesday).

It’s also important to note that an ETG test cannot tell you if someone is currently intoxicated (under the influence of alcohol). For this reason, employers or schools will typically use other methods to determine if someone is intoxicated at work, such as a breathalyzer test.

Why Are Companies Relying On Urine ETG Drug Testing?

Alcoholic beverages are a drug just like anything else a company may test for, and just like those other drugs, alcohol can be abused. Excessive amounts of ETG or any other drug available can lead to a significant decline in a user’s ability to perform their job at the highest level, hindering the company’s maximum output on a daily basis.

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