ISO Preferred – Walking Boot I

HCPCS: L4386/L4387

The ISO Preferred Walking Boot (FT36x) is a non-pneumatic foot and ankle brace designed to reduce the time it takes to heal discomfort from soft tissue injuries, post-surgery, Grade 2 and 3 sprains, trauma and rehab. The boot has a soft, cushioned inner liner and outer support uprights. The curved rocker bottom is constructed to promote a natural and normal gait. A closed heel provides additional foot protection. Models are universal left or right foot; sizes are S to XL. If additional padding is necessary to cover a sensitive area or achieve a more secure fit, optional spacer pads are provided.



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HCPCS: L4386/L4387


Low profile design
Apply to left or right foot
Soft padded inner liner
Outer plastic uprights
Adjustable advanced hook and loop system to secure
Curved rocker bottom for natural and normal gait
Non-skid tread on sole plate
Closed heel design for foot protection
Optional spacer pads for additional comfort or a more secure fit
Hand Washable



Soft tissue injuries, Stable foot or ankle fractures, Post operative use, Grade 2 and 3 sprains, Trauma and Rehab.



The ISO Preferred Walking Boot I is available in 4 sizes. The size chart indicates boot size for men and women by shoe size.

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Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

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