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MDMA (more commonly referred to as Ecstasy, E, X, XTC, Beans, Adam, Molly) is taken today as one of the most popular party drugs. More scary than the drug itself is the amount of fake ecstasy on the market. Getting tricked into buying fake ecstasy can be worse than just feeling ripped off, it can land many people in the hospital, potentially causing death. 

To make one thing clear: it’s almost impossible to tell what you’re getting without an MDMA (Ecstasy) test kit. Using a drug testing kit is the best and safest way to know what a substance is or if someone has taken it. Nevertheless, here are some ways you can identify Ecstasy without the use of a kit. 

Forms of Ecstasy

MDMA can come in many different forms but the most common forms are pills, capsules, and small crystals. 

Identifying MDMA

When MDMA is in a crystalline powder it will have a slight glimmer, similar to fine beach sand. If the powder is in different particle shapes or colors, it could indicate a fake substance. MDMA also comes in larger chunks and crystals.

What to Avoid

  • Try to avoid pressed pills and go for powders or crystals instead. There’s no telling what could be in a pressed pill and it could possibly hospitalize you. 
  • Don’t try any powder that is sticky or dull and extremely fine-grained. If it looks like cooking flour or powdered sugar, stay away.
  • Avoid any substance that is brown, green, red, or yellow. 

Common Ecstasy Adulterants

DXM (dextromethorphan), which is commonly seen in cough suppressants, is a common substance that is sold in place of Ecstasy. DXM is not a party drug and its effects are similar to that of ketamine and PCP. It can cause heat-strokes, especially when it’s mixed with MDMA.

PMA and PMMA are commonly sold in place of Ecstasy. PMA/PMMA is much more dangerous than MDMA since it can cause body temperatures to rise, heart rate to rise, convulsions, and even death. PMA/PMMA also takes much longer to kick in which can result in users taking another dose. This will greatly increase the chance of taking a fatal dose. 

Just Buy a Test Kit

Trying to identify a drug can be difficult. Buying an MDMA test kit can cost the same amount as the drug and can potentially save your life. If you need someone tested, you can trust Preferred Med Supply to provide you with a drug test kit that provides accurate results. 

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