Does your business require security clearance in order to work a position? Entrusting these positions to people means they have what it takes to be trusted with valuable information. You don’t want the people with this information to be under the influence of any substance that can put your business or others around at risk. Conducting a drug test for security clearance is often a precaution that lots of businesses have to go through. These drug tests can be the difference in knowing if someone is right for the position or not. Drug tests for security clearance are the best way to ensure your information stays safe and doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. Preferred Med Supply has the drug testing kits you need to ensure you get fast and reliable results. 

Preferred Med Supply has a large selection of drug testing kits that makes drug testing for security clearance much easier and faster. No matter the substance or substances you’re testing for, we’ll have the kit for you. Our kits also come in different test-taking options. This includes saliva, urine, and swabs. We are the perfect solution for drug tests for security clearance since all of our products can be ordered in bulk. Purchasing our tests in bulk makes sure you get the best price possible.

Accurate and Reliable Drug Test for Security Clearance

At Preferred Med Supply, all of our testing kits are accurate and reliable. Each of our products is FDA approved and CLIA waived, meaning our products are approved and authorized to be used for personal use. 

Every product we create is direct-sourced and made with both quality and cost in mind.

The Importance of Drug Testing for Security Clearance

In recent years, drug abuse and drug-related incidents in the workplace have been on a steady rise. This dramatic spike has forced a lot of businesses to re-evaluate their anti-drug policies and make sure that no employees are under the influence while working. 

While it may seem intrusive, drug testing in the work environment creates a much safer workplace for everyone around, including the individual. This is extremely important for jobs that require security clearance in order to handle precious information. Having the use of drugs in this type of environment can lead to sensitive information being leaked and mistakes that can land individuals in real trouble. Drug use is known to impair the way one thinks and functions. If someone is in an important role that involves handling sensitive information, drug usage can make them do things they may regret in the future. 

Drug Tests for Security ClearanceReasons for Drug Testing for Security Clearance

Every company is going to have different reasons for wanting to implement a drug testing policy. Among all these different businesses, here are a few common reasons why these policies should be in place.

  • Protect Employees and Customers – It doesn’t matter who it is, any employee under the influence of drugs while at work poses a threat to themselves and the people around them. When accidents are bound to happen in the workplace, drugs will only increase the chances of it happening.
  • Keep Productivity Up – Compared to employees who are drug-free, those who use drugs frequently are much less likely to show up to work on time or at all. Even when these employees do show up to work, their productivity is often stunted due to drowsiness and lack of coordination from drug usage.
  • Help the Surrounding Community – By drug testing for security clearance, you end up helping the local community battle against drugs as well. A drug test given out at work can stop even just one person from using drugs as well as the circulation of drugs in the community. One small step goes a long way.
  • Help Employees Recover – While it’s not the main purpose of the test, a drug test can help employees who test positive recover and get their life back on track. A good employee who tests positive for drugs in their system can be sent to treatment in order to get them back on their feet. 


Challenges with Drug Testing

While drug testing is meant to find the best possible candidate for a position, it can also cause disruption among the employees of your business. It’s important to give everyone in your business a fair warning so they don’t feel blindsided or singled out. Giving a drug test out of nowhere can cause discomfort and a sense of betrayal. 

Attempting to make a drug-free workplace should be done correctly or else it can result in the HR team taking a heavy blow. Drug testing someone can sometimes go against their personal privacy. This is why it’s very important that there is a purpose and reason for giving out drug tests. There should never be a sense of hostility or hatred when administering the tests.

Drug Tests Delivered Right To You

Drug tests for security clearance are an important step in making sure that your employees and customers are safe from harm. Stopping workplace drug abuse is important and it can create a much better environment for everyone around. Prefered Med Supply has everything you need to make sure your workplace is as safe as it can be. If you’re looking for drug test kits, visit our store page today and visit our contact page if you have any further questions about our kits or other products. 

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