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In order to keep a safe and functional work environment, establishing good practices must be done. By establishing these practices, you protect the well-being of your employees and yourself. Corporate drug screening is one of those practices that can help assist HR managers to enforce a safe environment and fend off drug abuse in the workplace. Preferred Med Supply wants to help your business stay safe and clean, which is why we put together a few drug testing tips for HR.

Know The Right Time For a Test

There are a number of different scenarios in which a company would require someone to do a drug test. Usually, it takes place during pre-employment so a business can narrow down its list of candidates. Drug testing can also be done at random so everyone in the company has an equal chance at passing. HR must be able to property dictate when it’s the right time to use a drug test. You should be able to supply a reason as to why the drug testing is taking place. 

Use the Right Drug Testing Method

You want to first determine your company’s specific needs and use it as a guide to picking the best method. The most common type of testing is done through urine, hair, saliva, or blood. The different methods of drug testing can also have an effect on the employee, so make sure you choose the correct one based on the situation.

Test For Commonly Detected Substances

It’s suggested that you screen for commonly found substances. There are tests that can detect more obscure substances. These should be administered if it retains to job type, safety, or communications. 

Be Transparent

No one likes being left in the dark about what’s happening. Make sure new employees know that you screen for drugs before they are hired or let current employees a drug screening will take a few weeks in advance. Conducting an unannounced drug screening can make employees lose trust and it can ruin the environment that has been established.

Provide Reasonable Disciplinary Action

Before handing out tests, make sure that you have a conversation with everyone involved. Let everyone know the importance of the test, no matter if it comes back positive or negative. If a test does come back positive, let the employee know what will happen so they aren’t caught off guard.

Drug Testing Sent Right to You

Preferred Med Supply has everything you need for proper drug testing. For the larger businesses out there, we ship our drug testing kits in bulk so you have enough for everyone. If you’re in the market for drug testing kits, visit our shop page today.

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