Parents are supposed to worry about their children. They want them to be happy, successful, and healthy. Unfourtanly, trying to do this can sometimes be a challenge when kids are exposed to different types of people and substances. Kids are easily influenced into trying new things, whether it’s from peer pressure or because they think it’ll make them seem ‘cooler’. Child drug testing is something that needs to be given to kids in order to make sure they aren’t being exposed to something that can hurt them. Preferred Med Supply has the drug testing kits you need in order to make sure your kids are safe and clean. 

We offer an extensive selection of different drug testing kits that will make child drug testing much easier. Whatever type of substance you want to test your kid for, we’ll have it. Our multi-panel drug testing kits can test and detect up to 12 different substances. The different drug testing kits can be administered in different ways, including saliva, urine, and swabs. We are the perfect solution for child drug testing since all of our products can be ordered in bulk. Selling in bulk means you get the best price available. 

Accurate and Reliable Child Drug Testing

You can always count on our drug testing kits being reliable and accurate. All of our products are FDA certifies and CLIA waived, so everything you receive is within the correct guidelines. It also means that our products can be given in a household. 

Every product we have is direct-sourced and made with both quality and cost in mind.

Child Drug Testing

Importance of Child Drug Testing

Drug usage among children is higher than it has ever been. This is due to the fact drugs can be taken in different ways and it’s easier than ever to sneak and do without parents noticing. This has made parents more careful with their children. Child drug testing is increasing more than ever. 

Child drug testing can be more complicated than HR drug tests or medical drug testing. It takes much more than just buying a home drug test. There are some important things to consider before testing your child. These include:

  • The AAP is against involuntary drug testing of teens.
  • Drug tests can come back negative even if a teen is doing drugs. If the test is given two to three days after the last time they’ve done drugs, it can come back negative.
  • Some at-home drug tests don’t test for frequently used drugs among children/teens. These include alcohol, ecstasy, and inhalants.
  • If the test is not observed while given, teens can often cheat the test. The urine can be someone else’s or the urine can be purposely diluted.
  • Drug testing can create a tear between the parent and the child. They may find it to be an invasion of privacy and it can cause distrust and suspicion from the child.

A drug test can also come back positive from something other than drugs. Over-the-counter medication and poppy seeds are an example of what could cause this.

Child drug testing is only recommended when a child has shown a difference in behavior or other changes in mental attitude or suspicious physical behavior and activity. These tests should only be given when you have an absolute suspicion that the child has been using drugs. Testing on a whim can lead to more trouble than before.

Keep Your Child Away From Drugs

Our drug tests are meant for a worst-case scenario when you need proof of your child’s drug activity. If your child has had a positive test and you want to try and help them, here are a few things you can do to keep them drug-free.

  • Keep Kids Busy – Per the NSDUH, kids between the ages of 12-17 are much less likely to experiment with drugs when they’re kept busy with things like sports, clubs, and afterschool activities. When kids’ mind is engaged, they are often too busy to have any interest in drug activity. This helps not to have to go through child drug testing.
  • Communication – Keeping an open line of communication with your kid goes a long way. The level of comfort they feel around you will allow you to talk to them about drug usage without them feeling targeted. It’s important to also listen to what your child has to say about drug use with an open mind and not judge them on anything they say. Giving your kid the reassurance that you’re always there for them will make the threat of peer pressure much easier to deal with.
  • Child Drug Testing – If you have enough evidence to support the idea that your child is abusing drugs, an at-home test can detect whatever it is your child has been doing. Again, it’s important that you give the test with love and support so the child doesn’t think you’re doing it out of spite.

Drug Tests Delivered Right To You

Child drug testing is an important step in making sure that your child is safe from harm and stays healthy. Stopping child drug abuse is important and it can create a much better environment for everyone around. Prefered Med Supply has everything you need to make sure your child is as safe as they can be. If you’re looking for drug test kits, visit our store page today and visit our contact page if you have any further questions about our kits or other products. 

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