laboratory drug test

At-home drug testing and laboratory testing have become more and more popular over the past few years, and while many may overlook the initial reason for it, employers everywhere are likely to require one before hiring a new employee. Drug tests are helpful for providing useful information into employees’ health and risk of getting into accidents that could have serious backlash. 


This uprise in drug testing has resulted in lots of different at-home testing kits to appears on the market, so it’s important to know the differences between an at-home test and one that is sent to a laboratory for further testing. Preferred Med Supply has put together some of the key differences to make sure you know how the two different types of testing stack up against one another. 


Time For Results


The most obvious difference you’ll see between the two types of tests is the timing it takes to get results back. The nature of at-home testing sets a requirement that it must be quick and convenient for the user. To make sure of this, an at-home drug test will usually give results in about 5-10 minutes where a test given to a laboratory can most likely take 24 to 72 hours for results. Many at-home drug test kits will claim 99% accuracy and, while mostly true, there are factors that can alter this like what was eaten before the test and if the test was performed correctly, to begin with.


Result Accuracy 


Taking the test at home or going to a lab/doctor’s office is often a preference, but getting the best results possible is where it really matters. The accuracy of test results can be the very thing that determines if you get hired for a job or not. 


As expected, a laboratory test will always provide the most accurate results. While at-home test kits have greatly improved in accuracy as time has gone on, a laboratory will almost always guarantee that there will never be a false positive result. Laboratory testing doesn’t have the usual time constraints that are placed on at-home test kits and will give a more accurate screening that covers many more types of substances than at-home test kits. 


Laboratories are also run by professionals who have been trained to ensure testing goes correctly. Taking an at-home test kit relies on the fact that the user knows how to properly use the testing kit and won’t miss any steps, possibly resulting in a false-positive result.




Mostly used for non-work-related cases or to see your current standing, at-home drug test boaster a 99% accuracy rate. Employers will almost always use a laboratory test to make sure they’re getting the most absolute results. Laboratory testing is also necessary for employers to protect themselves should a legal case ever be presented. 


Choosing between these two methods of testing often comes down to the individual. Home testing provides quick results while being available for an affordable price. Laboratory tests come with great quality and the most accurate results.


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