Oral Swabs – 10 Panel drug test – Saliva Drug Test

AMP/50 ng/ml
COC/20 ng/ml
OPI/40 ng/ml
THC/50 ng/ml
MET/50 ng/ml
PCP/10 ng/ml
BZO/50 ng/ml
BUP/10 ng/ml
OXY/20 ng/ml
BAR/50 ng/ml



Clear selection

A mouth swab drug test (also known as Saliva or Oral drug test) is used to detect substance of
abuse. Oral Drug Tests are an easy screening method that is non invasive, gives results in
minutes and is very cost effective. The major advantage of the Oral Drug Test is that it can be
preformed virtually anywhere since it does not require the privacy associated with Urine Drug
Testing. Oral Drug Testing is an excellent option to the Urine Drug Test for settings in which the
testee is a juvenile and the person performing the test is an unrelated adult.

Oral Drug Testing is reliable and safe, but there are some considerations when choosing between
Urine and Saliva tests. The window of detection of many drugs of abuse are much shorter in
saliva because the metabolites brake down faster. Certain medications can cause inconclusive
results in a saliva test. There are some substances that cannot be detected in saliva limiting the
kinds of tests which can be preformed. Dry Mouth caused by certain drugs limit the amount of
fluid that is available for collection and certain foods and mouthwash can alter the results.

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1 Each, Box (25), Case (100)

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