Isober 10 Breathalyzer

  • iOS & Android Smartphone Compatible
  • Test Counter Since Last Calibration & Since Last Positive Test for Alcohol
  • DOT/NHTSA approved
  • US Coast Guard Approved
  • FDA 510(k) certification
  • Three decimal point accuracy (0.000% BAC)
  • Next Gen Self Diagnosis System (SDS)
  • Camera Mode


The iSOBER 10 from Sentech USA is a sleek and compact designed breathalyzer that can connect with your phone to make it easier for you manage data, share information via text or email if desired. The device functions standalone so no matter where life takes us we will always have access 24/7. The device flawlessly syncs with your iSOBER smartphone app or measure your BAC whenever needed without pairing to the app.

SDS System

iSOBER 10 takes breathalyzers to the next level with its new SDS (Self-Diagnosis System) technology. This innovative feature not only tells you when your sensor is working properly, but also gives assurance that all readings will be accurate and reliable because they’re always backed by state of art metrics like those found in medical devices!

Photo Verification

Sobriety tests are now easier than ever with the free iSOBER mobile app. Simply blow into your device and saved results are stored inside of it so you can share them to anyone who needs proof that they’re seeing someone sober!

Additional individually packaged mouthpieces sold here.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 2 in
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