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ISO Preferred – Hip Bilateral Brace with Flexion/Extension/Abduction

The ISO Preferred Lumbar Back Brace V (BA205) features a Back Plate shaped to conform to natural body contouring from the sacrococcygeal junction to the T9 vertebra.


The ISO Preferred Hip Bilateral Brace with Flexion/Extension/Abduction (ISO-HI205) provides acombination of lumbo-sacral, lower extremity and hip and femur support using a customizable bilateral system of adjustments to fit specific needs of patient. Adjustments on each side of hip include adjustable adduction and abduction controls coupled with Flexion and Extension settings with internal rotation control. Brace is universal fit at waist with configurable fit at hips using strapping belts, vertical/horizontal placement configuration and various adjustments of component parts. Waist belt is adjustable to fit sizes Small to 2XL. (An optional waist extension panel is available to fit larger sizes).


  • Universal fit​
  • Bilateral support​
  • Multi-point Adjustable length & girth(Hip, Waist, Thigh)​
  • Abduction/Adduction and rotation control for hip dislocations or fractures​
  • Flexion/Extension ROM adjustments in 20-degree increments​
  • Adjustable hip abduction & adduction settings​
  • Easily adjusted using included Allen wrenches​
  • Lightweight and breathable material​
  • Advanced gripping material​
  • Optional belt extension (not included)​
  • Hand Washable​

Intended For

Combined Bilateral support for Lumbo-sacral area, hip, femur orthosis with adduction/abduction and internal rotation control; an additional support to lower extremity, to provide pelvic control, hip joint support and includes adjustable flexion/extension and abduction/adduction control on each side. Supports Mild to moderate hip osteoarthritis, Hip revisions and surgeries, Pre-Op and Post-Op support, and Anterior or posterior hip dysplasia.

Sizing Information

The ISO Preferred Hip Bilateral Brace with Flexion/ Extension/ Abduction offers sizing from Small to 2XL. Maximum waist is 56″

For larger waist, use ISO accessory item, ISO-HI204 Lumbar Belt Extension: Universal. Brace requires 2 belt extensions.Each will add up to 9” to the waist for a total of up to 18 additional inches on the waist.

Applications Instructions


Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 3 in
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