Ethylglucoronide (ETG) Drug Test Dipcard

Parameters: ETG
Specimen: Urine
Accuracy: >99%
Test result:5-10min
Package: 25 pcs/box



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Drugs of abuse also known as Drug dip card test, Drugs Testing,Substance Abuse Testing, Toxicology Screen, has a wide range of definitions related to taking a psychoactive drug or performance enhancing drug for a non-therapeutic or non-medical effect. Depending on the actual compound, drug abuse may lead to health problems, social problems, physical dependence, or psychological addition. Our Drug of Abuse Test is a rapid, one step screening test for the simultaneous, qualitative detection of multiple drugs and metabolites in human urine.

Detail specifications:

  • The Test Detects the Ethylglucoronide (ETG) drugs in Urine
  • No handling or manipulation of urine needed to activate testing
  • Perfect test kit for pre-employment, rehabilitation center, hospitals,clinics and law enforcement

Validity / Adulteration strip– The adulteration strip is one of the best selling points of this dipcard. To avoid testing positive, donors may try to alter their urine, by substituting someone else’s or by using products, available online or from head shops, that alter the chemical composition of the urine. An adulteration strip like the one on this test can help you catch someone who is trying to do this. You can determine the temperature (if the urine is not at the right temperature, something may be wrong with the sample), the specific gravity, the pH, and the level of oxidants in the urine. Specific gravity will help you to see if someone has diluted their urine while detecting oxidants in urine indicates that someone may have used a product like UrineLuck.

Test Procedure

Test must be in room temperature

  • Open the foil pouch and remove the test device
  • Remove the cap from the test device
  • Have the donor collect his or her urine specimen in the dipcard to the recommended volume
  • The dipcard does all the work! In Just 5 minutes, simply remove the privacy label revealing the results indicating whether the following drugs are present in the donor’s urine. Cut off levels are established by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA):
  • For more detail information,please refer to our instruction.

The list of drugs detectable with this test are as follows:

  • Ethylglucoronide (ETG)


Positive: A red band is visible in each control region and NO color band appears in the appropriate test region. It indicates a positive result for the corresponding drug of that specific test zone.
Negative: A red band is visible in each control region and the appropriate test region. It indicates that the  concentration of the corresponding drug of that specific test zone is zero or below the detection limit of the test.
Invalid test result: If a color band is not visible in the control region or the color band is only visible in the test region, the test result is invalid. Another test should be run to re-evaluate the specimen.

Additional Information:
The urine drug detection test is ideal for testing employees, students or family members in private, medical offices, government, corporate, pain centers, healthcare are facilities, and inmates in law enforcement facilities, probation situations, rehabilitation centers and clinics.

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1 Each, Box (25)

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