ISO Preferred – TLSO Flex w/Trunk Support (BA220)


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product description

The ISO Preferred TLSO Flex w/Trunk Support (BA220) provides trunk support extending from the sacrococcygeal junction and ends just below the scapular spine. The 17” Rigid posterior plate combined with a soft anterior apron restricts gross trunk motion in the sagittal plane and produces intracavitary pressure to reduce load on the intervertebral discs. The padded shoulder strap system can be easily adjusted and is held in place with adjustable anterior chest straps fastened together by a quick release buckle. The back of the shoulder straps join together and continue down the center of the spine. This center strap can be adjusted to shorten or lengthen the strap utilizing the advanced hook and loop fastening to provide optimum fit. The rigid lateral panels can be easily angled to provide the best possible fit for a variety of patient body structures. The universal size is fully adjustable for sizes S-2XL (up to 56”), and can be expanded up to 74” with optional belt extensions, to accommodate a wide range of patients.



  • Backpack style padded adjustable shoulder straps with quick release buckle in front
  • Height posterior thoracic extension
  • Rigid lateral panels
  • Universal sizing S-2XL. Waist size up to 56”
  • Optional lumbar belt extensions
  • Advanced hook and loop fastening
  • String and roller system
  • Heat moldable posterior plate
  • Hand Washable




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S-2XL, Large Kit