Drug Tests Employers Will Use

4 Drug Tests Employers Will Use

You started as an applicant and went through the interviewing process. After some time, you learn that you got the job. That’s great news, but now your employer will need to drug test you due to their policies. This can include a number of drugs and, in some cases, even alcohol. 

To help you prepare for this, Preferred Med Supply breaks down the 4 most common drug test types employers will use on their new and existing employees. 

Pre-Employment Screening

Employers will often have a pre-employment screening to ensure that they are hiring the right candidates. These drug tests are often given on sight and results are given back in a matter of minutes. Some employers may even send samples to a lab for further dissection. A positive drug test can hurt, or even destroy your chances of getting the job.  These are the 4 most common drug test types employers will use to test you.

  • Urine CupsThis is simply a cup that is urinated in to see if drugs are in someone’s system. The cup will often come with instructions on what to do attached to it. These are non-invasive tests that are done in privacy. Most urine drug tests will come back with results in as little as 5 minutes. This is the perfect solution for internal and external testing.
  • Urine Dip Sticks/CardsThis drug test will often come with a cup and a strip that is dipped into the urine. These are usually given on-site and requires an applicant to urinate in the cup. The stick is dipped in and will respond with a color that corresponds with what drugs are detected. 
  • Hair TestsThis is usually only used for serious and sensitive job positions that need certainty that there are no drugs in your system. These are typically given off-site or samples are sent to an off-site lab. Traces of drugs can stay in hair follicles for much longer than saliva. Drugs can be detected in a 90-day window with the use of a hair test. Hair testing is often not used as much as the other methods due to its long time frame and costly procedure. 
  • Saliva TestsSaliva tests can either be sent to a lab or give back an instant result. For instant results, used swabs are placed in a cup where it will respond with color showing what drugs are found in someone’s system. Employers tend to love saliva tests are they are in-expensive and are non-invasive. Saliva tests will often only detect drugs in your system a few days after they’ve been used. 

Buy Drug Tests in Bulk

Drug tests are a great way for employers to know if they are hiring the right candidate or not. Most working environments will only test you once unless you work in a sensitive position that requires constant testing. If you are an employer looking to buy drug tests in bulk, Preferred Med Supply has everything you need. We sell all of our products in bulk, giving you the most value for your money.